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"Chord Country"



Welcome to "Chord Country"...

"Chord Country" is a compilation of chord lessons for the beginning to advanced guitar player, featuring simple, open position "cowboy" chords, essential bar chords, forms for blues and jazz, and even the subject of diatonic chord scales. Enjoy!



Primary Chords. Common first (open) position chord forms (E, A, D, G, C), exercises, plus basic pop and folk-oriented accompaniments. For the beginning/first year guitarist.
Basic Bar Chords. Lesson geared towards familiarization with fundamental major and minor bar chords. Features chromatic exercises (strum/arpeggio) to build strength.
Blues Chords (Key of C). Nine common "moveable" dominant seventh chord voicings for use with standard twelve-bar slow, shuffle, and rock/funk blues progressions.
Jazz Chords (Key of C). Traditional "short chords" and full-sounding "Mickey Baker" chord voicings for jazz and swing blues progressions. Major, minor and dominant.
Diatonic Chord Scales. An introduction to harmonizing the major scale utilizing 4-tone triads & seventh chords, plus the essential diatonic cycle of fifths. -> MP3 READY! <-
Chord Scale Forms. Excellent follow-up to the "Diatonic Chord Scales" lesson, with 37 unique starting "triad" inversions for constructing numerous additional chord scales.
More Chord Scale Forms. The main focus in this solid chord scale follow-up shifts to "seventh" inversions, with 35 more starting forms to extend your chordal vocabulary.

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