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"Jazz Guitar Talk"


For Your Listening Pleasure...

Jazz Guitar Talk is yet another release in our popular Guitar Talk series. Listen in order or click on any track selection above.

"Lady Bird contains everything I love about your playing. Powerful octaves, great jazz language, hard swinging and, of course, your trademark (no pun intended) blues feel. You have a powerful, unique style that I have not heard from any other guitarist."

- Dave Illig

"Everything you do is simply another chapter in the history of jaw dropping jazz guitar! The development of these recordings over the years is nothing short of scary (in a good way :). Your mastery of the instrument is so flawless. Your lines and hip harmonic sense are so incredibly sophisticated there no adequate words that come close to expressing where you are at musically."

- Rick Ross

"Lyrical, soulful, swinging phrases. Beautiful lines. It is like listening to a story being told and that should be the goal of any solo. But I must say that I am not surprised, having heard you play since 1982!!!"

- Lou Curri

"I really hate to say stuff like this because I wouldn't want to diminish the value of your other recordings, but I think the Impressions solo is your best yet. It is extremely coherent. Everything just flows so nicely here. The next time I cross a river I think I will throw my guitar and amp in and take up checkers."

- Brian Kelly

The recordings on this page are reflective of material taught in the Lessons by Mail program. See specific course info below.

- Mark Stefani










Swing Blues: Doorway to Jazz

Like what you hear? The core language you hear in these jazz guitar solos are all a direct result of developing the ability to play over changes through the eyes of swing blues. This language is taught in our most popular jazz guitar course, which blends great tunes with real-world language (i.e. licks, concepts) gleaned from decades of transcribing great jazz improvisers who are also master blues musicians. The knowledge provides the "doorway" to soulful improvisation over latin or any other genre.

Swing Blues: Doorway to Jazz is a 24-lesson course and an opportunity to study interactively with the author, at a price far less expensive than traditional private lessons. Program includes 24/7 support. To sign up today and take advantage of the special introductory discount (three lessons for the price of two):

Note: Talk is cheap in the music business. When you consider studying with someone or buying learning products, it's very important to do so with the confidence that the teacher or author can play as well as communicate his or her knowledge to the student, so keep that firmly in mind as you listen to the tracks on this page.



Monster Guitar Solos

Monster Guitar Solos is an exciting collection of improvised solos spanning swing blues, rhythm & blues, and vamp groove progressions. Meet the "monsters" who comprise the power behind these solos:

MGS Format: PDF eBook with audio mp3 track. To hear all available solos in the series, click here.

Note: The MGS series is an excellent addition to any lesson program, or as a powerful resource for those who don't have the time for private instruction. Solos on this page available as MGS editions:

Sugar  -  The Flintstones  -  Lady Bird  -  Ornithology  -  Stella by Starlight  -  Four



Good Vibes Jazz Solos

Good Vibes Jazz Solos is our other popular collection of dedicated jazz solos, based on the collaboration between legendary jazz guitarist Hank Garland and vibraphonist Gary Burton .

GVJS Format: PDF eBook with audio mp3 track. To hear all available solos in the series, click here.



"Improvising Secrets" Revealed!

Seven Steps to Changes Heaven is a powerful article originally published in Jazz Improv Magazine. It sheds light on the often-confusing path to successful jazz (and blues) improvisation, and is now available as a FREE download for VM members and fans!

Tip: Read this article very carefully, and ask yourself if you are following each of the critical steps in your daily practice? If you do that, the advice will positively change your playing and put you on the right track! To download, click here or on the image.

Got Questions? We have answers and solutions to save you precious time and money. Just Ask the Coach.


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