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"Bottomline Bass"



Welcome to 'Bottomline Bass'...

"Bottomline Bass" is a perfect compilation of lessons in blues, basic slap, rock, and latin bass lines, to either get a new player off the ground or to "tighten up" a veteran!

Note: the first few lessons on this page are FREE to all players. The remaining lessons and all future additions are for Vision Music Members only. For info about joining, click here.



Getting Off the Ground...

Slow Blues for Bass (Key of C). A terrific bass lesson on the subject of playing slow, 12-bar blues, featuring 'Red House' (Hendrix). Slow blues jam track link included.
Classic Shuffle Lines (Key of A). Five solid, 12-bar blues bass lines for the veteran or aspiring bass or guitar player. Practice them, then link directly to Jam Central Station.
Slap Bass (Key of Am). A perfect introduction to the subject of 'slap & pop' electric bass, focusing on octave techniques and a fun, timeless "70s-style" two-chord vamp.



Movin' On Down...

Rock Blues Bass Lines (Keys of C/A). Four timeless rock bass lines from four classic blues compositions. Solid band 'demos' plus some hot links to Jam Central Station.
Latin Bass Lines (Keys of Cm, G, Fm, & Am). Like the lesson above, four bass parts taken from four latin-influenced tunes. Band 'demos' plus direct links to the JCS page.
Be Fat Blues (Key of Bb). This is a fun, challenging project that combines a walking bass line with three-tone chords. Great for both developing and showcasing your technique.
Bass Four Play (Key of C). An innovative, challenging lesson for aspiring jazz bassists, featuring two solid walks and two great licks over the all-important II-V progression.


JCS Bass Line Series...

Exciting news for bass members! We are now making the "JCS Bass Line" series available online, with selected bass lines from our popular Jam Central Station page. Each bass line is presented in standard notation and tab, with multiple study and playback options. Have fun!

Black Magic Woman (Key of Dm). Twelve-bar bass line from this great Carlos Santana jam classic. Listen and learn. Bass and drums, full trio, trio minus you, and more.
Moondance (Key of Am). Van Morrison's timeless pop/jazz hit makes for a great edition in the series, featuring a repetitive walking line, cool riff, and the options listed above.

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