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"Lesson Central"



About the Lessons...

"Lesson Central" is the main directory page for all guitar and bass instruction at Vision Music. Here you can access some of the highest-quality FREE music lessons and jam tracks to be found on the internet. We also now have an exciting, affordable membership option for our fans. To learn more about becoming a member, click here now or continue exploring below.

All Vision Music lessons feature professional scores in standard notation with tab, plus pro audio tracks that automatically play when a lesson loads. Bookmark this page and have a great time!



The lessons found at Vision Music are conducted by guitarist and bassist Mark Stefani. Got a moment? Read "A Personal Message from the Coach!"



In the Beginning...

Vision Music's original lesson pages, still going strong:

Benson Burners. This popular lesson features some funky, smokin' blues riffs by the incomparable George Benson.

Percussive Pop. Spice up your pop and latin guitar work with some fun chords & progressions. -> MP3 READY! <-

Bassic (Con)Fusion. A slick bass lesson built on a solid dance groove, and featuring some hot diminished riffs.



Are You Ready for the Challenge?

Improve your playing immediately with Vision Music's

Eye Test

'See' What You've Been Missing!

Eye Test. Take the extraordinary, 15-point Vision Music 'Eye Test' to determine your present level of ability, then use the FREE lessons to fill in the gaps. What a bargain!



For the Dedicated Traditionalist...

Jazz, fingerstyle, and blues guitar lessons:

 All That Jazz

Jazz Guitar Intros. Chord ideas ("Misty") -> MP3 READY! <-

Oscar to Wes. Exciting two-five riffs for jazz/blues solos.

Walk This Way. Walking bass & chords -> MP3 READY! <-

Fingerstyle Fun

Prelude in Em. Excellent first classical piece (Tarrega).

Deep River Blues. Doc Watson's famous fingerstyle classic.

Happy Birthday. Solo rendition of this traditional favorite.

Blues Power

Clapton Meets Ford. Timeless blues shuffle turnaround riffs.

Full Stride!. A Texas-based, E blues shuffle accompaniment.

Killer Repetitions. Great double-stop blues riffs & concepts.



Vision Music's 'Premiere' Lesson Attractions...

Thought you'd seen it all? Not even remotely close! Vision Music offers a world of inspiring lessons that will challenge you, educate you, and provide you with endless fun! Click the spinning CD next to any of the following learning areas, and you'll be instantly transported to an online "classroom" that you just have to "see" to believe!


Jam Central Station

Over 100 Tracks & Charts for You to Enjoy!

"This is a 'must see' for all guitarists!"

- Jimmy Bruno 


"Congratulations on doing a worthy thing well!"

- Tuck Andress 

Teacher Feature

An Entire Faculty of World-Class Instructors!


Special Spotlight

Learn Original Songs with Jam Tracks!

"An all around great site for learning how to play!"

- G. P. Magazine 


""...a treasure trove of useful information!"

- Joe Giglio 

MP3 Audio Lessons

Real Guitar & Bass Lessons with Narrations!


Just Jazz Guitar

Lessons for the serious jazz guitarist!

""Outstanding website! Great guitar information!"

- Ed Benson 


"There is no better guitar instructor I know of!"

- Stevan Pasero 

One On One Lessons

Four FREE Samples from Lessons by Mail!



And Now, the Rest of the Story...

What! There's even more? You bet!The following online lesson areas cover a wide range of valuable material for the aspiring guitarist or bassist, including scales, chords, rhythm, arranging, theory, and so much more. Just follow the spinning CDs and enjoy!


Scale Safari

Everything About Scales, Modes, & Variations!

"Brilliant! Your site is fantastic!"

- Bruce Forman


""A gourmet buffet of guitar player delicacies!"

- Robert Conti 

Chord Country

Guitar Chord Lessons for All Styles!


Rockin' Rhythm

Cool Blues, Rock, Jazz & Latin Lessons!

"Vision Music is the best site on the net, period!"

- Guitarist Radio 


"Your website is fantastic!"

- Howard Morgen 

Bottomline Bass

Essential Lines: Blues, Rock, & Latin!


Riffer Madness

Funky Fusion Licks for Guitar & Bass Players!

<"The best jazz education site on the net!"

- Ulf Wakenius 


"Amazing job. A load of really good information!"

- Happy Traum 

Classical Gas

Classical Guitar Compositions for You to Learn!


Muscle Mania

Great Technical Studies for Guitar & Bass!

"...everything you could dream of, and more!"

- G. P. Magazine 


"An awesome and unselfish website!"

- J. R. Klegsworth 

Solo Street

Build Your Own Chord-Melody Arrangements!


Theory Town

General Reference & Theory Lessons!

"A person could spend a lifetime going through your website!"

- Ralph Grasso 



The 'Beat' Goes On...

Still more Vision Music "innovations" for the internet? Of course! To aid your personal study and to document your songs, arrangements, & transcriptions, we proudly present:


The Metronome Page

The Internet's Only Online Timekeeper!

"Your site is nothing less than incredible!"

- Ted Vieira 


"Best guitar lessons on the web!"

- Dennis Marcellino 

The Manuscript Page

Free Blank Sheet Music in Twelve Styles!



Words of Wisdom...

Need advice about your goals? How you should practice? Organizing your time? Choosing a teacher? You'll find answers to those and countless other questions at:


Coach's Corner

Dozens of Valuable Articles for All Musicians!

"Your site looks great!"

- David Tanenbaum 


"Fantastic website!"

- Alistair MacRae Birch 

Question Mark

A Powerful Collection of FAQs to "Site-Read!"



For Your Listening Pleasure...

Digital audio comes to Vision Music at our "Audio Demos" page, where you can listen to and download free blues, jazz, and chord-melody sample recordings in MP3 format. Enjoy!


Audio Demos

Free MP3 Recordings to Hear & Download!

"Great site...I couldn't tear myself away!"

- Kirk Lorange 



Staying in Tune...

The web's best tune-up for guitar & bass:

Tune Your Guitar. Use this great six-string tuning page before every practice session or jam. -> MP3 READY! <-

Tune Your Bass. Same as above, but for four-string bass players only. Just a tune-up a day... -> MP3 READY! <-




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