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"Rockin' Rhythm"



Welcome to "Rockin' Rhythm"...

"Rockin' Rhythm" is just what you'd expect, a large collection of guitar lessons covering aspects of handling rhythms for blues, rock, jazz, latin, pop, & country!

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Basic Blues, Rock, Latin, & Jazz...

EZ Guitar Shuffle (Key of E). A basic 12-bar blues rhythm on two bass strings. This is a perfect "first shuffle" to learn, yet so timeless that all the greats still love playing it.
The Student Shuffle (Key of E). An excellent follow-up to the lesson above, this time with a melody harmonized in sixths and handled fingerstyle. Smooth and fun to play.
Groovy Blues (Key of A). As the name implies, a return to the 'rock organ' stylings of the sixties, with a unique rhythm in a highly popular guitar key. -> MP3 READY! <-
Latin Guitar Vamps (Key of Am). Whether you like the Brazilian music of Jobim, or just blending latin and rock ala Santana, don't miss this fun guitar lesson. -> MP3 READY! <-
Rock & Pop Rhythms (Any key). A highly unique lesson aimed at developing a deeper understanding of timing related to rhythm guitar, picking, bass lines, reading, etc.
Pop 'n Jazz Walks (Key of Am/G). Two popular progressions for playing both chords and a walking bass line at the same time (guitar). Challenging and a whole lot of fun.



Beyond the Basics... 

Bad Key Shuffle (Key of F). This is a unique fingerstyle blues rhythm accompaniment, where you'll be challenged to play chords, melody, and a 'boogie' bass line all at once!
Country Pickin' (Key of G). Based on a famous country/folk progression. Three lessons in one, with alternating bass lines, bass/lead fills, and much more. High 'fun' factor!
More Latin Vamps (Key of Em). An excellent sequel to 'Latin GuitarVamps,' this time focusing on three examples that can be effectively used in both latin and popular music.
Ballad 'Magic' (Key of A). A superb fingerstyle, chord-melody guitar lesson, featuring eight rubato, 'free time' variations and two standard turnaround (I-VI-II-V) examples.
Easy Endings (Key of F). Three solid, 'tried and true' chord-melody endings for you to use in different solo guitar and ensemble performance situations. -> MP3 READY! <-
(Not So) Easy Endings (Key of E). Six more endings for the chord-melody enthusiast, with a higher physical & mental factor. You get twice the harmony & twice the fun!
The 'Ellington' Ending (Keys of C, A, & E). Arguably the most popular, blues-based ending of all time. Basic "theme" plus three fun, challenging variations to work with.
Neo-Classical Endings (Keys of Em, E, & A). Three endings using classical arpeggios will add yet another special 'twist' to your present & future solo guitar arrangements.

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