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The Mission Behind the Vision...

Lesson Central is the primary "hub" of activity at Vision Music, where more than four thousand guitarists, bassists, and other instrumentalists come to learn and play each day. Despite the fact that we finally have an affordable membership option, plus an online store for those who wish to make product purchases, Vision Music still remains a great source of free learning. People tend to think that there must be some kind of "catch" involved, but there are "no strings attached" at all.

My ongoing mission has been to build the largest, most inspiring resource of online music instruction in the world, providing a level of interactive lesson quality that rivals (or even surpasses) what many players often pay enormous sums of money for in weekly private instruction, books, videos, etc.

Even though it's never been my desire to cut into the profits of fellow instructors and authors, the reality of the situation is that there are countless guitarists and bassists of all ages and levels who love to play and wish to learn, yet simply can't afford private lessons. With almost eight million site guests since inception, the estimated* collective savings so far is easily in the millions of dollars!

* (conservatively based on site statistics and surveys)



The Most Important Word...

Inspiration is a word not to be taken lightly at this website, because inspiration is the single, driving force behind the massive effort that's gone into what you'll see and hear at Vision Music. As I often say, "inspiration is a two-way street," so the great response from the multitude of happy players and fans in turn inspires me.

The inspiration at Vision Music goes pretty far beyond just the high-quality guitar and bass lessons. For players of all instruments seeking valuable guidance, the dozens of useful articles at Coach's Corner can have a dramatically positive impact, while the "virtual" band at the Jam Central Station page brings an entirely new level of interactivity, fun, and challenge to a lesson site. Both save students even more time and money.

Most visitors familar with Vision Music know that I've dedicated the website to the memory of my late parents, Roland & Margaret Stefani, who were both musicians. My dad was especially influential early in my life. He promised me that if I worked as hard as I possibly could, and gave all that I had to give without asking for anything in return, I would never have to worry about competition or income. He was right.



Making A Living In Music...

Money, money, money? We all need an income to support our families, but money is one word that you won't see mentioned excessively at Vision Music, nor will you confront a lot of third-party banner ads or sponsor pop-up windows.

So, just how do I make a living, yet rationalize devoting so much time and energy to a relatively free learning center for those in need of instruction and guidance?

Well, obviously I teach, something I've been doing for over thirty years. I maintain a small, private practice with some excellent players locally in the Portland (OR) area, as well as conduct the highly popular and successful "One On One: Lessons by Mail" correspondence program, which represents much of my private student load. The addition of a membership option and line of products provides affordable options for those in between, while hopefully generating enough income to keep the site free and allow me to support my family.

"Talk is cheap" in the music business. For years I've told my family, friends, and students that I love to teach, and would almost do it for free if I could. Now the internet and the Vision Music website has given me the opportunity to back up that statement and make this dream a reality, both for myself and for all of you.

Some of my colleagues think I'm crazy to give away too much of this valuable knowledge for free, but I remain committed to my mission at Vision Music. I may not be financially rich, but far more importantly I feel rich in spirit for positively affecting the lives of so many players in need the world over. In the long run money means very little, and I can't take it with me. The karma, on the other hand, is spiritually priceless and permanent!



Final Thoughts...

"Why waste time? Learn from the best!" is what you see wherever you find the cool guitar & bass legends "slide show" at the site, clearly displayed on both the Site Tour and Lesson Central pages.

The players you see there, like Wes Montgomery, B.B. King, Andres Segovia, Chet Atkins, Jimi Hendrix, George Benson, Jaco Pastorius, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Pass, Ron Carter, Kenny Burrell, Robben Ford and others, represent the "best" in their respective genres. I'd be nothing as a player and coach without their influences, so it's my sincerest desire to share the terrific knowledge I've gained from them with all of you. It's my way of honoring them and passing on "the gift" to others. So...

Why waste time? Practice hard, enjoy the website, and spread the inspiration!



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