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"Muscle Mania"



Welcome to "Muscle Mania"...

"Muscle Mania" is an assortment of technical studies and hand exercises for any level of guitarist or bassist. Build unbelievable power, and fast. Let's get physical!

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Power Slurs for Guitar & Bass...

Slur Studies. Learn about the legendary Francisco Tarrega, then double your left-hand strength fast with this amazing, two-part lesson. Ready to 'muscle up?' Let's do it!
Monster Bass Chops. The Tarrega 'ascending' slur studies (hammer-ons) translated to the four-string bass. Build some left-hand power that you just have to feel to believe!
More Monster Bass Chops. Sequel to the lesson above, this time getting more physical through the use of 'descending' slurs (pull-offs). Can you handle it? Let's find out...



Barring, Reaching, & Fingerpicking... 

Bar & Reach Studies - Part I. A continuation of Tarrega's technical studies, this segment will 'stretch' your left-hand guitar strength to new heights. First of two full lessons.
Bar & Reach Studies - Part II. In this follow-up to the above lesson, more endurance is required to sustain the bar for longer periods of time. Optional link between both parts.
Bar & Arpeggio Studies - Part I. Another area for physical development, these powerful lessons combine bar chords with quick, 'harp-like' right-hand arpeggios. Four studies.
Bar & Arpeggio Studies - Part II. Four more great studies in this challenging sequel to the above lesson, with additional stress placed on the left-hand while the other works.
Bar & Arpeggio Studies - Part III. Yet four more studies that demand stamina in the left hand, while the right-hand plays more complicated patterns. Handy link between parts.

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