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"Monster Guitar Solos"


About the Series...

"Monster Guitar Solos"  is a collection of blues, jazz, and vamp solos featuring a unique and powerful combination of influences, licks, and concepts for aspiring improvisers.

Like our popular Good Vibes Jazz Solo series, each MGS edition is presented in standard notation with tablature as shown below, in a high-quality eBook complete with an MP3 track that matches the solo.

Listen to the selections on this MGS page in the jukebox player above, either in order or by clicking on the desired solo (use your mouse to see all titles). You'll find purchase links below which will take you to our secure online store. Scroll for available solos and more information about the series.

- Mark Stefani



Meet the Monsters...

Strength generates strength is something that I learned many years ago, when I made the conscious decision to do whatever it would take to learn how to play from great artists.

The players you see above? They are my mentors, my team of teachers who taught me how to speak the language of blues and jazz through so many years of playing along with them by ear, transcribing their work, teaching the knowledge to others, and watching it transform my playing personality into the unique blend that you hear today. I am forever grateful!


Current Selections...

MGS Editions now available (listen to tracks above or click titles below). Scroll to see our new special discount collection bundles. Solo titles and information:

Deja Blous
Swing blues tribute to Henry Johnson by Mark Stefani. Eight-chorus, 96-bar spirited guitar solo. Key of Bb.

Spirited four-chorus, 64-bar double-time guitar solo over this classic pop/latin tune by Bobby Hebb.

The Thrill Is Gone
A funky three-chorus, 36-bar solo tribute to B.B. King, using the backing track from Jam Central Station.

The Flintstones
A three-chorus, hard-swinging 96-bar guitar solo over the classic changes from "I Got Rhythm" (Bb).

Minor Moods
Chord-melody rubato intro followed by a funky B minor vamp solo over the "This Masquerade" track from JCS.

On Broadway
Lengthy vamp solo over this famous 16-bar groove classic. Key of Bb. Backing track from the JCS page.

The Cooker
High-speed Benson bebop blues in Ab. A five-chorus, 60-bar solo loaded with classic jazz and blues licks.

Listen Here
Funky, double-timed vamp solo over the Eddie Harris groove classic in the key of C. Strong blues attitude.

Spontaneous Combustion
Energetic modal original in the key of G minor, similar in feel to Impressions by Trane. Several solo choruses.

Blues for Kenny
Funky four-chorus, 48-bar blues solo in the key of C, based on an original tribute to guitarist Kenny Burrell.

Retro 70s feel in this three-chorus, 48 bar funky vamp solo that mixes double-timed jazz and blues licks.

Rear View Mirror
Another funky four-chorus, 48-bar blues solo in the key of A. Lots of Benson, Burrell, and sax influences.

This Masquerade
Solo based on Leon Russell's epic "This Masquerade" groove, recorded by George Benson in the seventies.

Road Song
Exciting double-timed solo for this latin-jazz Wes classic in the key of G minor. Includes a bonus intro vamp solo section.

How Insensitive
Another double-timed solo for one of the all-time favorite bossa nova compositions by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Key of Dm.

Stella by Starlight
A two-chorus, 64-bar medium swing solo over this famous standard. Packed with great jazz licks and concepts from beginning to end.

Mister P.C.
Influences ranging from Kenny Burrell to George Benson and beyond in this four-chorus, 48-bar solo over Trane's minor blues classic.

Smoke Detector
Powerful groove solo over this original tune in the key of A minor, blending funky sax phrasing with Benson-oriented double-stop blues licks.

That's What I'm Talkin' About
Another groove-oriented solo from an original in the key of D. Features lots of single-line/octave funky sax & guitar major blues moves.

Blues for Len
A four-chorus, 48-bar swing blues solo in the key of C. Blends core blues and jazz licks with upper-string chords, double-stops, etc.

Nobody Knew
This two-chorus, 32-bar solo is over a latin-pop original in the key of Em. Strong minor blues phrasing, with single-notes followed by octaves.

A four-chorus, 64-bar solo over Stanley Turrentine's C minor swing classic. Blends core blues/jazz licks with solid phrasing throughout.

Body Talk
Funky extended solo over George Benson's epic vamp groove from the seventies. Loads of powerful blues and jazz licks/concepts.

Blues Tripper
Three-chorus, 36-bar funky blues solo in the key of G, reminiscent of early Benson, Kenny Burrell, Grant Green, and many others.

Giant Steps
Four-chorus, 64-bar solo over this epic bebop classic by Coltrane. Guitar duo context. Lots of core jazz language licks and concepts.

Three-chorus, 96-bar uptempo solo in the concert key of Eb, with elements ranging from Oscar Peterson to Bird and beyond.

Lady Bird
Five-chorus, 80-bar solo over the Tadd Dameron bebop favorite. Features a blend of jazz and blues licks plus a spirited chord solo. Key of C.

A three-chorus, 96-bar solo over this famous Bird classic based on the changes for "How High the Moon" (key of G). Fast tempo.

Four-chorus, 48-bar solo one this blistering (300+ bpm) blues in the key of G. Fades on a fifth chorus of double-stop repetitions.

Tune Up
A four-chorus, 64-bar solo over Miles Davis' legendary 16-bar bebop classic. Lots of great II-V jazz language throughout. Fast tempo.

Full-length 64-bar solo chorus over this blistering, uptempo jazz classic by Ray Noble in the key of Bb. Blend of major blues and jazz licks.

Freight Trane
Five-chorus, 60-bar solo over pianist Tommy Flanagan's epic version of "Bird's Blues" in Ab. Includes Wes-style, upper-string chord soloing.

Midnight Creeper
A funky four-chorus, 48-bar solo for this blues by saxman Lou Donaldson. Rich with syncopated licks in the spirit of Benson, Burrell, etc.

Complete 56-bar solo chorus for this bossa nova classic by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Solid mix of core jazz and blues language.

Blues for L.A.
Four-chorus, 48-bar solo for this original swing blues in the key of F. Blend of single-lines, double-stops, and upper-string chords.

Material Witness
A three-chorus, 36-bar funky blues solo in the key of E, blending elements from Benson, Burrell, Grant Green, and Tom Scott.

Unit Seven
Uptempo swing blues classic in the key of C. Extended solo over a unique AABA format with a bridge. Solid mix of blues and jazz language.

Soulful solo over the famous Jobim bossa nova classic in the key of D. A blend of major blues with jazz. Octave bridge solo a la Wes.

What She Really Needs
Groove-oriented vamp solo from an original in the key of D. Solid mix of funky sax and guitar blues/jazz language throughout.

Scrapple from the Apple
Three-chorus, 96-bar bebop solo over this Bird classic in the key of F. Nice blend of jazz and blues elements in a hard swing context.

Take the A Train
Two-chorus, 64-bar swing jazz solo over Ellington's epic standard in the key of C. Terrific mix of jazz language influences from great players.

One Note Samba
A two-chorus, 80-bar latin jazz solo over this famous classic by Jobim. Oscar meets Bird meets Benson. Even some Chuck Berry. Key of Bb.

All of Me
Two-chorus, 64-bar solo over this well-known swing standard in the key of C. Solid blend of core jazz/blues language from monster players.

Tenor Madness
Spirited eight-chorus, 96-bar swing blues solo in the key of Bb. Licks/concepts from Oscar, Benson, Bird, Trane, Garland, and others.

Chef's Special
Funky three-chorus, 36-bar blues solo from this original tribute to saxman Tom Scott. Key of A. Mix of hot blues licks plus a touch of jazz.

Bass Chase
Uptempo four-chorus, 48-bar swing blues affair in the key of Bb. Smokin' blend of licks. Includes upper-string chord solo chorus a la Wes.

Extended, three-chorus, 96-bar jazz solo over the Ellington classic. Key of Bb. Plenty of great jazz moves from Bird, Oscar, Benson, etc.

You Would Think
A three-chorus, 48-bar guitar solo over on original groove tune in Cm. Mix of solid blues and jazz language from guitar/sax influences.

Look Out Below
Funky, riff-based head and two-chorus solo over this slap bass-driven orignal vamp tune. Key of E. Great licks inspired by GB and others.

That Being Said
Multi-chorus solo over a groove original featuring jazzy changes in the key of G. A blend of core language using single-notes and octaves.

Work Song
A four-chorus, 64-bar solo over the Nat Adderly minor swing classic. Mixes blues and jazz licks, using single-notes, double-stops, and octaves.

I'll Remember April
Two-chorus, 96-bar uptempo solo over this famous swing standard. Key of G. Core jazz and blues language from beginning to end.

Shadow of Your Smile
A two-chorus, 64-bar latin jazz solo over this famous classic in the key of G. Solid blend of standard and double-timed licks/concepts.

Just Friends
Two-chorus, 64-bar uptempo solo over this popular swing classic. Key of F. Loaded with solid jazz/blues licks, concepts, phrasing, etc.

The Soul Factor
A three-chorus funky blues solo heavily-influenced by early Burrell/Benson. Classic double-stops mixed with single-note work. Key of C.

Turn Up The Heat
Powerful, groove-based solo in the key of D minor, featuring soulful sax licks and concepts blended with blues double-stops, slides, etc.

Good To Go
An uptempo three-chorus, 96-bar bebop solo over this original tribute to guitarist Andreas Oberg. Same changes as "Move" in the key of Bb.

Spirited seven-chorus, 84-bar solo over the famous samba classic. Unique blend of jazz and blues language. Lots of syncopated phrasing.

Cotton Tail
A three-chorus, 96-bar solo over the Duke Ellington rhythm changes classic in the key of Bb. Hard swing, blues and bebop throughout.

Gravy Train
An early four-chorus, 48-bar funky blues solo loaded with double-stops, single-note licks and syncopated GB phrasing. Key of C.

Bird Cage Blues
Swing blues solo in the key of C. Four choruses featuring a variety of moves and concepts inspired by powerful jazz influences.

A three-chorus, 96-bar jazz solo over this great bebop classic by guitarist Kenny Burrell. Medium-fast tempo. Key of Eb.

Hard-swing jazz meets blues in this three-chorus, 108-bar uptempo solo over the minor bebop classic by Sonny Rollins.

Note: Each MGS solo edition, like the Good Vibes series, is delivered via email attachment, so there is no shipping cost or waiting period. Format is PDF eBook for the solo score, in standard notation/tab, plus complete MP3 audio file. Priced at $30 per edition.


Discount Solo Bundles...

Save 25% when you order four solos (click titles below for more info):

Smokin' Blues
Collection blending bebop, minor, and funky blues: The Cooker, The Thrill Is Gone, Blues for Kenny, and Rear View Mirror.

Groove Town
This group features four MGS vamp-oriented guitar solos: Minor Moods, Listen Here, On Broadway, and Choplicity.

Jazz 'n Pop
Great mix of classic swing blues, bebop jazz, and latin-based pop: Deja Blous, The Flintstones, Sunny, and My Masquerade.


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